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Digital For Youth

Logino Dujardin

4950 VET
1,000,000 VET

Digital For Youth

Computers and digital education are a crucial part of our life, even among the youngest. People who want to take online classes today or receive tasks from the school, naturally need a computer or tablet. And unfortunately not all people have access to a computer, while this is now more necessary than ever. Specially with the COVID-19 situation going on.

At Digital For Youth we want to offer help to our youth worldwide. We do this primarily by providing usable laptops and education tools for young people who do not have access to a computer or good digital education. We want to do this now, to prevent these young people from falling behind in learning.

We strive to make the world a better place by providing education, computers and laptops to people in need. We know, it’s hard to help every needy person in the world, but we do our best to give a hand to as many people as we can.


Philipssite 5/13
3001 Leuven
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