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A helping hand to the victims of Australia’s Wildfire

Timo S

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750,000 VTHO
Considering the succes of the ‘Support for the victims of the Australia’s Wildfire fundraise, it seems wise to keep ensuring the possibility to donate for this great cause!

The ongoing wildfire in Australia is described as one of the worst in Australia’s history, taking the lives of 25 people and destroying many homes. Homes where a wide variety of animals used to recide in their natural habitat, with sadly many getting injured or losing their life. At the time of writing, the burned area covers an estimated 8,4 million hectares.

Wires Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organisation located in New South Wales, the state that has been hit the hardest. They are the largest rescue- and rehabilitation charity in Australia and have more than 2500 volunteers, aiming to save animals and to provide the nessecery rehabilitation to get them back on their feet. Back to where they belong.

They already have been helping Australia’s native wildlife for 3 decades, currently being able to rescue animals 365 days a year and responding to more than 90000 rescues each year. The majority of the funds is used to rescue wildlife, provide information and education to the community and provide training and support for volunteers.

Shown below is a picture of Kenny, one of the saved koalas that receives care and undergoes rehabilitation!

If you could miss a couple of VTHO, please consider to support Wires emergency fund and help them rescue & care for the innocent victims of the fire and drought.

I am aware of my responsibility and I’ll obviously transfer everything we can collect to Wires. Similar to ‘Support for the victims of Australia’s Wildfire’, prove of this will be provided in the description of this fundraise.


Just finished our second fundraiser for Wires in order to assist a little in the aftermath of the horrific fires. Many thanks to everyone for donating!

We collected 144000 VTHO = 72,72 USD = (x 0,8885) 64,62 EUR = (x 1,6462) 106,37 AUD. I made it a 100 EUR (round figures FTW) = 165 AUD.

In case anyone wants me to forward the donation receipt I received from PayPal for extra proof of donation, please let me know in the Thorblock TG group!